Drive Train & Suspension Products

Clutch Discs

Clutch disc front/rear:

Spring ceramic

Rigid organic

Spring organic

Spring 4 pad ceramic

Clutch Components

Brake, clutch

Aluminum & Steel

Clutch brake washer

Clutch, assembly 15-1/2" & 14"

Ceramic & Organic

Fuller Transmission Parts

Clutch, sliding gear

Clutch, synchronizer plate

Drive, gear mainshaft aux

Drive, synchronizer kit

Drive, shaft

Drive, retainer

Power Take Off (P.T.O) Component & Parts

Air shift cylinder

Dump pump hydraulic

C101 / C102 / G101 / G102

P20 & P51 series

Universal Joint

Universal Joint Cross & Hardware

Drive Shaft

Mid drive shaft slip yoke

Drive shaft splined sleeve

Center Bearings

Center bearing series


Bearing strap kit

Wheel Rims

Rims, american & european

Aluminum, Size 22.5 x 8.25

Truck Tires

Truck tyres






Landing Gear

Landing gear set, static load 170000 lbs, lifting 60000 lbs, universal mounting

Tie Rods

Tie rods, left/rigth hands

King Pin

King pin 2"

King pin lock 2" for 5th wheel

Fifth Wheel

Fifth wheel holland simplex II SE

King Pin Kit

King pin kits
Bimetal & bronze bushings


Front motor insulator

Upper & lower insulator

Suspension insulator upper & lower

Equalizer bushing & shaft

Washer / bolt

Cabin Motor Engine Mount

Motor mount kit

Motor mount upper/lower

Screw set

Torque Rod

Bushing torque rod

Rubber bushing torque rod

Torque rod, cab / tube

Air Springs

Air spring rolling lobe

Double & triple convolution air springs

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers, cabin suspension

Shock absorbers, heavy truck suspension

Sleeve Air Springs

Air spring, sleeves

Cab air shocks

Leaf Spring

Spring Z

Spring trailer, number of leaves 3 & 9

Wheel Studs & Nuts

Wheel studs

Wheel nuts

Inner left / right hand cap nut

Wheel Clamp

Trailer wheel rim clamps

Brake Drums

Brake drums

15" x 4"

16.5" x 6"

16.5" x 7"

16.5" x 8.625"

18" x 7"

Wheel Hub

Outboard mount hub assembly

Brake Shoes

Brake shoes

Lining (set) / Lining / Bare

Brake Shoes Assembly Kit

Brake shoes kit and repair kit

Brake Repair Kits

Repair kit brake shoes

Power Steering Pumps

Power steering pump v10 and v20

Type rotation: Left hand / right hand

Wheel Bearing

Wheel bearing sets

401 / 402 / 403 / 406 / 409 / 413 / 414 / 415 / 422 / 425 / 426

Oil Bath Seals

Oil bath seals Classic / Plus XL